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Assignment 2: Family Leave Policies

The FMLA has been controversial in the United States because many employers argue FMLA is burdensome to administer. Moreover, there is frequently a question of what are FMLA qualifying events.

Employers recognize that there are increased issues of recruitment and retention of employees in today's workplace with an increase in the number of families with both parents working, single parent households, a lower fertility rate, the number of women in the workplace, and the aging of the workforce.

Germany, the United Kingdom, and several Scandinavian countries have turned to legislation to guarantee paid leave. Employers, legislatures, and employees see this as necessary for good employee relations. This also enables employers to recruit and retain quality people.

Research the national family leave policies and practices of another country. Gather information to develop a philosophy about the appropriateness of the current U.S. FMLA policies. What changes would you propose, as an employer or as an employee? Write separate letters explaining your research and your philosophy to:

  • The senator of your state
  • The Society of Human Resource Management

Be explicit in your requests for a change or for the same continued practices.


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