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You are to appear for an interview with an organization where three of your friends work. They seem very happy with their employer and have been urging you to apply for a position. The organization is listed as one of the best places to work in the state. You have a vast amount of computer training in graphic designing but have not been able to utilize your skills as you would like. The organization appears to be one that will allow you to use your education and training as a commercial artist.

The day of the interview goes well, but it is grueling. You are interviewed by an HR professional, and you undergo a psychological test, a computer graphics test, and a drug test. You are then interviewed by three partners who own the business. During this interview, you are asked, “Do you plan to have a family? We are seeking a candidate who will receive extensive training, and we want someone who will remain a loyal employee for years to come.”

You want the position but recognize some issues with the interview process. Identify and explain these issues. How would you, as an applicant, handle this biased interview? Have you or anyone you know been subject to such questions? Can an employer have a legitimate reason to ask about an employee's family status? If you are an interviewer, how would you obtain information about an employee's ability to work long hours or on occasional weekends?

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