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St Employment discrimination continues to be a reality in the United States despite the federal and state laws prohibiting such actions. Although not as overt as in the past, discrimination continues in subtle forms. For example, the glass-ceiling issue continues to exist wherever invisible, artificial, and attitudinal barriers conspire to limit the access of women and minorities to high-level positions.

Review the following statement taken from an employee's letter to a company's corporate vice president of HR:

“I work for a paper products manufacturing division of XYZ corporation in a city having an ordinance prohibiting discrimination based on national origin. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination based on national origin as does my state law. Recently, I applied for a promotion to a supervisor's position. I was not successful in my bid for the position although my qualifications meet those stated on the company job posting. I believe I was not given the position because I am originally from Iran.”

What are the potential issues for discrimination in this scenario? What remedies can organizations adopt in order to eliminate such issues? Cite examples of instances considered discriminatory in a workplace. How can these instances be potential legal and social issues in a contemporary workplace? How can contemporary organizations work to eliminate such discrimination?


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