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1. ____Today’s managers have found that employees do not set aside their cultural values and lifestyle preferences when they come to work. The challenge is to make organizations more accommodating to diverse groups of people by addressing different lifestyles, family needs, and work styles. 2. ____The part-time, temporary, and contract workers used by organizations to fill peak staffing needs or perform work not done by core employees is called the contingent workforce. 3. ____Quality management’s objective is to create an organization committed to continuous improvement or one that leads to achieving an effective and lean work force. A well-managed organization according to W. Edward Deming was one in which statistical control reduced variability and resulted in uniform quality and predictable quality of output. 4. ____Work process engineering will generate its benefits only if Human Resource Management does train its employee population. 5. ____ Causes of stress can be grouped into two major categories: motivational and personal 6. ____Technological changes have required HRM to address or change its practices when it deals with such activities as recruiting as recruiting and selecting employees, motivating and paying individuals, training and developing employees, and in legal and ethical matters. 7. ____Drug testing in today’s organization is conducted not to eliminate illegal substance at the point of hire, but only to catch those using it in the workplace. 8. ____Type A behavior is characterized by a procrastinated sense of time urgency, excessively competitive drive, and difficulty accepting and enjoying leisure time. 9. ____The purpose of job analysis is only concerned with the amount of money that is paid to the employee for following their job description. 10.___A financial protection plan for executives in case they are released from the organization is called a golden parachute. 11.___Social Security does not provide a source of income for American retirees, disabled workers, and surviving dependents of workers who have died. 10. ___Employees cannot assume that well-publicized sexual harassment policies will constitute reasonable care to prevent religious harassment. This was the issue in Agay v. City of Benton Harbour1998. 13.___Some stress in organizations is absolutely necessary; without it, workers lack energy. 14.___Safety committee’s which follow the Occupational Safety and Health Act in the workplace are used to prevent employee related accidents. Multiple Choice: Please select your answer and place it in the space before the question (16 * .20 each = 3.20 points) 15 ____Primary functions of management include which of these items. a. Planning b. organizing c. leading d. controlling e. all of the above 16 ____The Human Resource Management process consists of which basic functions? a. staffing b. training and development c. motivation d. maintenance e. all of the above 17 ____The Civil Rights Act that prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, sex, and national origin was first coupled with the fourteenth amendment to the Constitution in what year? a. 1865 b. 1938 c. 1964 d. 1867 e. none of the above 18 __Effective communication programs involve which element? a. employment b. Mary Parker Follet c. effective upward communication d. employee relations e. an effective code of ethics 19 ___ Sexual harassment case which examined the fault of the victim and the organization. __Albemarle Paper Company v. Moody b. Griggs v. Duke Power Company c. Meritor Savings Bank v. Vinson, (1996) d. Toussaint v. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan e. none of the above 20 ___Sexual harassment is defined as having which one of the elements? a. Quid pro quo b. Health Maintenance Organizations c. a hostile environment d. none of the above e. a & c 21 ___The implied employment contract was an issue in which employment law case concerning retirement age? a. Toussaint v. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan b. Washington v. Davis c. McDonnell-Douglas Corporation v. Green d. Connecticut v. Teal e. all of the above 22 ___An employee handbook is for which reason? a. policies and procedures of company the employee works for b. who is dating who c. ways to insult your employer d. how to destroy employer property e. ways to insult the customer 23. A training technique in a department? a. job rotation b. development c. learning d. leadership e. socialization 24.____When a senior employee takes an active role in guiding another individual in leadership abilities, what do we call this activity? a. mentoring b. exploration c. career counseling d. outsourcing e. organizational development 25.___What is it called when the employer provides the employee with repeated opportunities to discuss performance before any reward or punishment consequences occur that will eliminate surprises at the formal annual review? a. upward appraisal b. ongoing feedback c. 360-degree appraisal d. training e. validity 26.__What term refers to the act of employees using their organization’s Internet access during work hours to surf non-job-related Web sites and to send or receive personal emails. a. Intranet b. firewalls c. cyber bullying d. cyber email e. cyberloafing 27.___There are two goals of recruiting. One is recruiting to generate a large pool of applicants. The other one is? a. How to discipline employees’ b. how to compensate employees’ c. provide enough information for individual’s to self-select out of the process d. look for ways to increase recruiting costs e. look for ways to damage diversity 28.____Typically, OSHA enforces the standards based on a five-term priority listing. One of them it is a serious accident that has occurred within the past ___ hours. a. 75 b. 24 c. 48 d. working week e. none of the above 29.____Organization officials have a legal responsibility, if not a moral one, to ensure that the workplace is free from unnecessary hazards and that conditions surrounding the workplace are safe for employees’ ___. a. physical b. to prevent incident rates c. physical and mental health d. to prevent immediate danger e. job safety programs 30. ___ When OSHA was originally passed and put into legislation an inspector had the right to levy a fine against the organization and award a fine with a maximum penalty of $ 10,000. Today, with the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1990 the $10,000 penalty can increase to which dollar amount ___. a. $ does not increase b. $ 20,000 c. $80,000 d. $70,000 e. $100,000 Short Answers. Explain in Short Sentences to Answer the Question Underneath the Question. Pick Six Questions and Answer them. There are one point each. Total = Six Points. Credit = 5.75 Points 31. Explain the difference between employee development and organizational development? 32. What is the Occupational Safety and Health Act and when was it passed 33. Explain one of the major functions of Human Resource 34. Management and how does it relate to the job description? 35. What is the purpose of a S.W.O.T. analysis? 36. What is an Employment-at-Will contract and list and explain one way it can be broken? 37. What is the purpose of an employee handbook 38. What is the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission? 39. Explain two methods of employee recruitment? 40. What is the difference between Management and Human Resources? I am referring to the elements each comprises. 41. List an intrinsic and extrinsic reward and explain how it is helpful in the workplace to increase validity? 42. What is collective bargaining and what members are involved in the process? One Long Essay. Answer the Following Question in One to Three Paragraphs in Your Own Words. No In-Text Citations. I Will Count Off For This. (Three Points). Credit = 3 points 43. Why is the ‘Global Village’ an important part of diversity as it relates to Human Resource Management?
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