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HRIS is an online solution or software for the data tracking, data entry as well as data information requirements of the HR, accounting functions, payroll, and management within an organization. It is helpful for all procedures that the organization wishes to track and from which they hope to collect purposeful and useful information. HRIS can be applied in various aspects like erecruiting, eselection, self-service and HR portals, e-learning and training as well as performance management. An organization should pick HRIS depending on their needs and the changing nature of HR management.












  1. Week 2 – eRecruiting

HRIS in recruitment includes applicant tracking systems or ATS. However, companies are not obliged to settle for a method that permits them to trace applicant data; they can utilize HRIS to improve nearly all daily features of the recruitment process. With the appropriate remedy in place, it is currently stress-free then before to establish the appropriate candidate and transition them into the position effortlessly (Aryan & Sharma, 2018). Previously, recruitment aspects might be regarded as an “additional bonus.” However, moments have changed drastically. Recruitment is time consuming and costly aspect, vital for organizational success and growth. Through making recruitment aspects precedence during the HRIS selection procedure, a company can theatrically advance their system’s ROI as well as their recruitment procedure immediately.

HRIS makes remote recruitment easy. E-recruitment makes it easy for companies to get skilled workers from any part of the world. An organization will appeal to the vast candidate pool to get top talent. E-recruitment helps to advance collaborative hiring. Hiring procedure ought to be a collaborative endeavor, but it can be daunting when executed using customary approaches. When HRIS is applied in hiring, it’s effortless for HR experts and managers involved in the procedure to execute immediate action (Heathfield, 2007). HRIS in recruitment helps to optimize worker