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HR Self-Service Technology


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HR Self Service Technology


Human resource managers are adopting manager self-service (MSS) and employee self-service (ESS) tools to minimize labor expenses, improve service and move the duty for working on regular transactions from HR to managers, job candidates and employees. Organizations cite human capital management as a key aspect behind their success and proposing the application of technology as a thing that can greatly enhance the performance of the asset. To succeed in the modern competitive environment, companies can no longer pay for the expenses and restrictions of labor-intensive manual HR structures that add nothing to the performance from their human capital. Therefore, as a strategic function, organizations should use HR self-service technology that will reduce the attention and time customary dedicated to administrative and additional regular tasks.

Factors or key elements found in self-service technology

Mobile friendly. Human self-service technology ought to be mobile-friendly, with the capacity to incorporate mobile apps and company websites, offering the client the preference they need when they are searching for answers.

Centralized Knowledgebase. At the core, web self-service systems require a powerful, self-learning knowledgebase. Through the use of linguistic technology, a company’s knowledge base ought to offer swift, accurate responses to client questions while reducing the period required managing it (Mare, 2019). Also, by sharing a similar knowledge base between agents responding to queries