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Key Functional Areas of Human Resources Management

There are five key functional areas identified for the Human Resource Management which includes Human Resource Development (HRD), Safety and Health, Staffing, Compensation and Benefits and Employee and Labor Relations.

Human Resource Development (HRD): Human Resource Development deals with the career planning and development, organization development, training and development and performance appraisals. In order to attain the organizational goals, the subsystems of the organization must be aligned to achieve their set goals. For example, if the primary objective of the organization is to maximize the returns on investments, then training and development is performed by HRD to induce innovation, maximize the capabilities of the employees and to deliver high quality of services and products (Gerber, Nel, & Van Dyk, 1987). Similarly, other areas of HRD like performance appraisals are done to motivate the work force and help them to discover the new skills which will ultimately contribute in the overall performance of the organization.

Safety and Health: Human Resource Management takes care of the safety and health of the employees because the employees working in safe environment are likely to be more productive. Promoting health of the employees involves taking care of their well being and providing them with general physical and mental health coverage to prevent illness. Safety involves preventing employees from work related injuries and accidents. Both are important to generate a productive work force which contributes