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Write a 500 word critique using your readings and your discussions from class as well as your interview responses. (Word counts are minimums).




Interview and describe a classroom teacher or a student teacher with experience in a content area or a grade level in which you do not have experience.  (10 points) 


 Indicate interview questions and the responses, including the strategies the teacher/student teacher uses for the following areas: (25 points)




·         Modeling a skill or a concept


·         Building vocabulary


·         Providing opportunities for repeated practice and use


·         Providing immediate feedback


·         Selection, adaptation, and sequencing of current curriculum materials to meet the needs of  


       ELL students


·         Utilizing current materials for SEI Instruction


·         Delivering successful cooperative lessons




Describe three of the most effective teaching strategies the teacher implements in his or her lessons for all students, especially second language learners. (15 points) 




Use APA style in all formal assignments, including an abstract, title and reference pages.  Include citations (not to exceed 10% of your paper) from related resources to support your statements.   Word counts are minimums.



The Center for Writing Excellence (CWE) is a great resource to help you meet all the requirements for an effective paper.

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Play, imagination and literature square measure thought-about essential for children’s whole development. analysis shows that they're involved with the event of reasoning and artistic use of data. this can be one among the explanations why faculty curricula seek advice from the requirement to incorporate imagination, games and literature in teaching

QAO How Teachers Can Help Children Learn a Second Language Effectively by the Teaching Satrategies T
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