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1.    Define and explain controllable expenses in restaurant operations.





1.    TCO 6. Managed services are thought of as being one of the most lucrative segments of foodservice. What factors allow this sector to thrive financially?


TCO 6. Define tourism and explain its importance in the hospitality industry.


TCO 6. Why do some culinarians take offense at being labeled a "foodservice professional"? Use your knowledge of the history of culinary arts to justify your answer


Discuss the impact the National School Lunch Act of 1946 had on managed services in the elementary and secondary schools. How are school cafeteria menus evolving along healthier lines, today?









1.    Describe how changing family composition in North America is exerting changes on the hospitality industry in that same region, today.


Front of the house supervision in restaurants is ideally exercised by the senior manager on duty. Why is his/her presence so important?


Why are there so many career opportunities in the gaming industry?








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Front of the house manager’s work directly

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