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Rock and roll music is a living, breathing phenomenon that cannot properly be defined and deconstructed using data alone. Just like one cannot define a human being as only a sequence of cells and completely disregard the mindful awareness and feelings that give us our humanity, one cannot contain rock and roll to a sequence of events without ignoring the cultural wave that caused it to spread like wildfire across the United States.
It’s Alive!
After carefully reading each of the three ‘Birth of Rock ‘N Roll’ essays presented, I selected the second essay, ‘Born in the South’, as containing information that had the least impact on rock and roll of the three essays. That’s not to say the essay didn’t contain pertinent information – I just thought of it as the least of the three histories. The crucial element the second essay left out of its analysis is the deep connection and sense of ownership rock and roll music gave an identity-hungry generation of young people born i