Historical & Cultural Perspectives of Luxury (Graded A+) - use as a guide only - 30355

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1,500 word essay

The written submission for this module is a critique on the notion of luxury as a social, organisational and emotional concept. The question simply is: what is luxury? However the simplicity of the question opens the complexity of the subject. This is a deep and contextual opportunity for participants to question and value the subject of luxury as a human constructed concept. This written piece is to be left open, exploring as many variants in a chance to establish opportunities.





Using experience, observations in culture and drawing from an expansive body of literature, discuss and conclude your understanding as to the phenomenon of luxury.  The writing should draw on the in-class workshop and presentations, readings and discussions; addressing the question ‘What is the nature of Luxury?



Contextualise your work!

Use theory robustly and be balanced in your outlook.

The criteria are set out overleaf, as found in the module guide, and will be used in assessing the submitted work.  It is therefore advised that the work be produced informed by these criteria.



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