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The Era of the Enlightenment influenced nearly every aspect of modern American society. Enlightenment ideas still shape modern political arrangements, social organization and economic structures. The United States became a nation during the height of the Enlightenment and is manifestly an expression of Enlightenment ideas concerning government, society and economy.

In your project document, please explain the following as it relates to the Enlightenment:

  • Describe 3 ways in which Enlightenment ideas shaped the political, economic, or social institutions of the United States.
  • Identify the Enlightenment era individuals who contributed to the 3 specific ways in which the United States was shaped.
  • Assess whether or not these ideas are still relevant to modern American society.
    • If so, why are these ideas still relevant?
    • If not, why have they become anachronistic?

This research and analysis assignment requires that you use at least three academically acceptable sources. Your sources must not include Wikipedia or other general encyclopedias.

Format your response using APA document guidelines, to include a title page, abstract page, content, and reference page. Citations and references should use APA style standards.


3-4 pages

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