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HIS 105 WEEK 11 DISCUSSION Part 1: Post a Response This week we have no new reading or subjects. Over the 11-week course, we have covered many events and issues that arose in the United States between 1865 and today. From the era of Reconstruction, the Progressive era and Jim Crow, the roaring 20s and the Great Depression, the Cold War and Civil Rights struggles, on through the age of Information to now. We have seen many examples of people struggling for rights and freedoms and people having to adapt to significant changes in the economy, technology, laws, and society. We have seen military engagements impact lives and our country. Think about these various periods and challenges. Please do the following two things for your main post in our last discussion—this reflection: 1. Choose a specific historical event or example and reflect on the “long range” effect of it on your own life. 2. Choose another historical event and reflect on the “long range” impact on the modern workplace—perhaps on the profession you have chosen. NOTE: MORE THAN ONE ANSWERS PROVIDED CHOOSE ANY
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I don’t have to think long what has affected myself and many others but 911. This is a day no one will ever forget, as I was working n the hospital and my patient called me into her room. Silence as I stood watching her tv. We didn’t say a word, but we could read each other’s mind. The first tower and seeing the people scramble for safety, and even you could see people jumping out of the windows of the twin towers. I have watched this over and over, because it just doesn’t seem real, but I have had friends go to the 911 memorial site, and they stated you will choke up with emotions. So even though it is over 17 years ago, the raw pain will never leave us Americans for all the life’s lost or crippled due to injuries of that day.

   How this day has affect