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HIS 105 WEEK 10 DISCUSSION Part 1: Post a Response Between 200 and2016, the US experienced remarkable changes internationally and domestically. By any measure, the terrorist attack of Sept. 11, 2001, was a game changer. With that a long, still-ongoing “war on terror” began that meant military engagements overseas and increased domestic security measures. In 2008, remarkably, the US elected its first African American president, Barack Obama. He was elected to a second term in 2012. Choose and discuss one of the following two topics related to American history under Presidents Bush and Obama: 1. Discuss the Sept. 11 (2001) attack and its impact. o Describe what stands out to you (perhaps from memory) from the events of Sept. 11, 2001 o Give two examples of events or changes since 9/11 that you attribute to that terrorist attack. In your view, what should we learn from this attack and our experiences trying to deal with it. o Identify the source(s) where you read about these free trade issues of that time. 2. Discuss president Obama’s election and presidency. (Considering our many explorations of race relations and Civil Rights in our history, there is much that can be said of President Obama’s election and presidency, and it is still perhaps too early to evaluate fully.) o Identify two specific examples that you think were the most important developments of Obama's presidency. o Explain why you chose those two examples. o Identify the source(s) where you read about these changes of the early 21st Century. NOTE: MORE THAN ONE ANSWERS PROVIDED CHOOSE ANY
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     As I sit back and remember that day of 911, words cannot describe my feelings how we as a nation could be hit by so many terrorists at one time. Yes, I can tell you I was at work in a patient’s room when the first news came over, I couldn’t believe it, so I went to another room. This sure was a well-orchestrated plan on the United States. How over 2900 deaths and 6000 injured? Today we look at all the first responders, and now they are having long term health issues due to the 911.  I can’t imagine being in the tower knowing you were going to die, and just wait, or on the plane in Pennsylvania going down, all you could do was pray. How those passengers on the plane stormed the cockpit, to take it down so more lives were not destroyed. These were heroes we will never forget.

   I look now and how we see more security at airports with big cement barriers in front of any doors or glass. This was never seen prior to 911. Homeland security was created and now they place a number to increase threats on American soil. With border security and visa, reform act are now in place to be more vigilant of passengers. When we now go to a sporting event, we need to go thru metal detectors and this is all for our safety, along with jets flying over large crowds like a Superbowl game. I am glad to be an American citizen, but will admit since 911  when I look around the security has sure grown due to the past invasions on Am