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Project Management Concepts and Applications

         Projects have historically been around since the beginning of time.  From the building of the great Pyramids to the development of the Ipad, some type of project management had to be developed for a successful project.  Projects are not only for businesses to develop their company or the building of structures to completion.  Projects can also be developed to start a nonprofit organization to help those in need of services when none are available.  This paper will discuss the organization of Candlelighter’s for Childhood Cancer in my community when 10 families came together to help each other out and to share in their grief.

Description of Candlelighter’s for Childhood Cancer project

 In 1985, Daniel was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia.  After being told he had flu-like symptoms for a week, we were flown out of our state to the nearest pediatric oncology medical center which was the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).  While awaiting the fixed-wing aircraft that would fly my son and I to UCLA, a woman arrived at the nurse’s station where I was sitting and told me that her daughter had also been diagnosed with Leukemia.  Her magic words, the only words I can remember her saying were, “this does not mean your