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The current economic scenario in the USA is not a very comfortable one. In comparison to 5 years ago, where the economic scenario was really tough, now the scenario has stabilized. Though the stability is not in the desired direction, the growth parameters have been good enough.


In order to give the necessary stimulus to the economy the interest rates in 2008 were cut many times. The interest rate that started at 3.5% in the beginning of 2008 feel down to 1% by the end of 2008.the Federal Reserve reports that today the interest rates are lower by 3/4% of what it was in 2008.

Another macroeconomic indication is the consumer price index. The buying power of the American dollar has increased over has increased to $1.08 currently.

The inflation rate in 2008 stood at less than 1$ in 2008 while currently it stands at 2.1%

The economy has been growing after the recession but not in the natural growth rate .the economic growth rate has not exceeded 2.25% .

Unemployment levels are still high but not as high as what it was in 2008. The current unemployment rate in the USA is 7.3% while approximately there are12 million peop