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1. If Mohammed wanted to examine the assets and liabilities of the Silver Exchange Coin Shop for the end

of the year, he should look at its

A. balance sheet.

B. profitability statement.

C. financial leverage statements.

D. income statement.

2. Craig works for a retailer planning what merchandise will be in the assortments, setting prices,

negotiating with vendors and planning advertising and marketing for intimate apparel. He attends fashion

trade shows and travels to market in New York City nearly every month. What position in the

organizational structure of a retailing firm does Craig have?

A. Store manager

B. Merchandise planner

C. Buyer

D. Divisional merchandise manager

3. How do retailers and vendors ensure that information that passes back and forth between retailers and

vendors is secure?

A. Suppliers, customers and new clients all have a form of access to information.

B. Paper hard copies are sent to one another for comparison to be certain that the information is accurate.

C. With a high level of planning, implementation and control of the flow of information, then the information will be secure.

D. The system ensures that the information received has not been tampered with by ensuring that the communication is both

authentic and authorized.

4. Schnuck's Grocery Store is located in St. Louis, Missouri. The owner has taken a map and has drawn

three different sized shapes around the store's location. Those people that are located in only the largest

shape being beyond a 15-minute drive radius of the store are in what's referred to as the store's

A. delineated market.

B. geographic market.

C. tertiary trading area.

D. market trading area.

5. Why are concerns about privacy heightened for customers who use