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Every country has implemented lots of policies and adopted effective strategies, to improve the quality of health care system. In the United States of America, the overall spending of the health care between the year 1992 and 2002 raised to $1.6 trillion. The actual spending was $827 millions. Despite of this health care management has always been a challenge for the authorities. Management includes introducing new medicines, therapies, setting up new and better hospital infrastructure, and offering quality services to the patients. This report is one the Religious Health Care that has been operational in a community that has 225,000 residents. The challenges related to the planning and implementation of health care centers has been discussed here in details. Some of the challenges include adopting the right technology for record management, providing better medical facilities to the patients, and also taking care of their medical needs.


Public Policy to reform health care services:

  1. Quality services: The experts of Health care suggested a national wide attention for improving the services. It is necessary to have evidence based practices which would need to implement the necessary changes in the system, and improving proper coordination with the medical and non-medical staffs. Quality of the services can be improved by identifying the priorities of the health care needs and implementing them (Public Health Quality Forum, 2010)


  1. Providing services to the whole community – Religious care center intends to serve a community that has approximately 225,000 people. In order to improve the quality of the services, it is necessary to improve the methods and analysis the needs to collect, disseminate, and evaluate the data that is collected for providing better medical services to the people. A report needs to  be prepared for understanding the challenges and the same can be worked upon to provide quality services

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