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Addressing modes are the various procedures that enable the system to determine the value of the various operands or the various instructions for the processing. On comparing up the three various addressing modes, the register operands, the immediate operands as well as the indexed addressing modes, the slowest that can be depicted out of the three is the indexed addressing modes. Going ahead with the immediate addressing modes, it rather performing the operations and analyzing the various instructions and doing calculations, the data that is supposed to be used is basically being stored up as an operand in the particular instruction that is itself creating the use of the various resources at its best and makes it fast. While at the same time, when it is being compared with the register operand, the data is being particularly being stored up in each register and each register number is being properly taken care of. The similar properties of the two addressing operands make it faster in order to directly initiate up the variables and constants without any memory reference which is being particularly used up by the index addressing mode. Furthermore, the complexity of the indexed addressing modes are a bit high which makes it more difficult to work upon and thus can be said that the index addressing mode is the lowest among the three modes.


4. What are pseudo-ops? How are pseudo-ops useful to us as programmers? Your response must be at least one page in length.


Pseudo ops is instruction that helps in the operation of a particular assembly level language that is by incorporating the base registers as well as its various contents contained in it. It can be better explained with example like the USING instruction. In other words, it can also be said as the particular program that is being written up in the assembly level language in order to executing some particular series of processor instruction (mnemonics) as well as the meta statements.


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