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Healthcare Establishment’s Product Development

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Healthcare Establishment’s Product Development


The University of California San Francisco is focusing more on improving the radiological department. They concentrate more on research and providing excellent training to the future leaders (UCSF, n.d.). Objective of the radiology department is to provide best and effective technology in diagnosing the problem of the patients. They are replacing old equipment and perform all research as per the rules and regulations. They are always focusing on improving their current facility in a better way in order to improve the quality of service (UCSF, n.d.). Department of research and biomedical imaging is promoting more research and gives more priority to the patient safety. It enables the patient in obtaining best and safe diagnosis.


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Magnetic Resonance Imaging is known as MRI. It was discovered by Nikola Tesla in the year 1882 in Hungary and proclaimed in Rathaus of Munich in Germany in 1956 (Tesla Society, n.d.). Strength of these MRI machines is measured using the Tes