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Healthcare Economics week 4 DQ 1 (*****APA Format +Discuss all the point + References******)

The Affordable Care Act was designed as insurance reform and not health care reform.  A significant opportunity was missed to fundamentally change the future of our health care system.  In turn these changes would have forced reform in our insurance and reimbursement processes.   The reasons for this missed opportunity are multiple with the heart of the matter being a political view of our health care system versus a patient/consumer/health point of view.

Let me pose a futuristic point of view relative to what our medical care could be.


1.)  What if you could determine a child’s predisposition to future diseases?  Would you advocate for such determinations?

2.)  What if you could prevent many of our costly chronic/age related diseases?  Would you advocate for such prevention?


We are very close in fulfilling both of these scenarios.  On the immediate horizon is medical care known as individualized medicine.  The cornerstone of individualized medicine is the work being done in the understanding of the human genome and gene expression.   The work being done in individualized medicine is significant.  We are on the edge of revolutionizing the way medical care is delivered.  Solutions to colon cancer, breast cancer, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and osteoporosis are at hand.  Instead of pursuing research in this technology the federal government opted for pour trillions of dollars in to our health care system that does little to fundamentally change our care delivery system.


I just recently wrote a book on this topic.  I call it a common sense approach to health care reform.  In the context of my writings I deal with the economics of individualized medicine as well the framework of the changes that could be made.  Where I would like you to begin in investigating this topic, go to the Mayo Clinic website on Individualized Medicine.   Begin the discussion after the review of this website.  Please summarize your thoughts on what you find.



Once we get through this discussion of this topic you will see that we grossly missed true health care reform by the passage of the ACA.  You will also touch the face of the future of medicine.

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