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The Final Paper should demonstrate understanding of the reading assignments, class discussions, your own research and the application of new knowledge.  For this assignment, write an eight- to ten-page paper (excluding title and reference pages) using a minimum of six to eight peer-reviewed sources (four of these must be a research study) published within the last five years and cited according to APA guidelines, that addresses one of the following topics:

    a.   Health Information System Quality
    b.   Health Information System Security  
    c.   Health Informatics and Emerging Technologies  
    d.   Ethical Considerations of Health Information Management
    e.   The World Health Organization
    f.   HMIS and Socialized Medicine
    g.   Other (with instructor approval)

Once you have chosen a specific topic, research on your own to find at least four published research studies that address the following issues related to the implementation of HMIS in the area you selected: management decision-making, ethical considerations, and the responsibility of health care providers in patient data security.  

Your Final Paper must include:

I.   Introduction

Provide an overview of the scope of your paper.  Introduce the topic you have selected to research, a brief summary of why this topic is important, and a brief summary of any relevant research you will discuss for this topic.  Provide a clear thesis statement and be specific and to the point.  This is an important part of the paper as it engages the reader and sets the context for what to expect as your paper progresses.    

II.   Statement of Problem

Describe the main issues, needs, or problems associated with implementing HMIS for your selected area of study.  Cite scholarly sources that document and support the importance and relevance of your chosen topic.  Identify how the organizational implementation of HMIS in the medical industry is affected by ethical considerations and the security of patient data.  Consider the implications of issues related to environmental, ethical, and compliance measures to protect patient data, as well as management education and training in HMIS decision-making and patient protection.  Analyze what makes these issues so important that they merit study.  Finally, discuss what impact (if any) these issues or problems would have if nothing was done to address them.

III.   Summary of Research Sources

Provide an overview of the relevant and specific research that relates to your selected topic.  Additionally, provide an analysis of each of the four research articles that correspond to your chosen topic that includes the following:

    a.   Summarize what was done for the study.
    b.   Analyze the target population of the study.
    c.   Discuss the author(s) of the study.
    d.   Describe the results or conclusion of the study.  
    e.   Evaluate the implications of the findings as they relate to your chosen topic.

The analysis should include pertinent information related to ethical considerations and challenges in informatics, management decision-making, issues of privacy, fraud and liability, risks and benefits, compliance, and access, as related to HMIS implementation and securing patient data.

IV.   Conclusion

Give a general but thorough summary of your paper which restates your thesis, reviews each of the paper sections thus far, and provides concluding remarks regarding your findings. 

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Flawed HIS is not quality as it does not support positive decision making in the hospital. The system is not reliable in that when information is lost it is not recoverable. This can lead to a major managerial crisis wh

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