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Health Care Segment Agency Paper


The following agency has a place in governing the health care industry and the people of the world. The paper shall begin with the agency role and structure and follow with the impact it effects within the health care industry. The agency that will be discussed in the paper is center for disease control. (CDC). After the completion of the effect the discussion will transfer into what the duties are of this agency along with the regulations that are governed by the other agencies involved with the CDC. Along with the final part which, will be the accreditation of the agency and how they affect the public. To begin first point or item expressed her is the agency’s role.

Level one - the agency’s role or structure.

The agencies’ role or information given by The Cdc - Laws and Regulations (2012) It is your single source for accurate, timely, consistent, and science-based information on a wide variety of disease prevention and health promotion topics. The subsidiary to this agency is the department of health and human services when asked or told by the CDC has the responsibility for preventing the introduction, transmission, and spread of communicable di