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Health Care Reform


The health care reform in this country is in need of reform. Many initiatives have been made to protect the professionals that deliver health care services, and to protect the major corporations that have become stakeholders in the health system, but little has been done to protect the primary stakeholder, which is the consumer who accesses the health care system in search of treatment for a chronic condition or illness. There is transparency in the services consumers use on a daily basis. They know how much there mortgage payment is going to be, how much they have to pay for their cell phone bills, groceries, and other services they use on a regular basis; but when it comes to knowing how much a physician charges for a specific service, the blinders are then pulled over their eyes. The need for a more value driven health care system is vital to changing the misconceptions many have about what ails them and transparency will allow the consumer to make choices based on facts and costs rather than being led about in the direction providers would have them to go. With transparency the patient gets to decide where it is they want to go to get the most value for their dollar while still receiving quality medical care. There is also a desperate need for insurance for all Americans, and the idea of Universal Coverage is not a bad idea at all. It would be more feasible to provide protection for citizens rather than place the burden of their care on the taxpayers who have received no benefit from a medical professional, but is held accountable any way.


In an effort to address the inconsistencies of our health care system, the Patient Protection and Affordable care Act creates Accountable Care Organizations who provi