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Develop Part I of a comprehensive plan to implement an organization change.


Choose an issue from your workplace and create a plan for a proposed change to resolve the issue.


Note. If you do not have a current workplace, or your workplace is not appropriate for this project, work with the instructor to identify an organization you may use for a change plan.  Please feel free to also communicate with the instructor to ensure your topic meets the requirements for this assignment.  You cannot do your assignment based on your learning team’s presentation.


Yourchange proposal must be new and something you might actually implement in your workplace.  Issues might be related to any of the following:


·         Health care services

·         Long-term care

·         Health care products

·         Information technology in health care

·         Billing in health care

·         Electronic medical records (EMR) implementation

·         Access to care

·         Outcome/process/structure of care

·         Patient/family/community experience of care

·         Creation or revision of an educational course or program

·         Any other appropriate faculty approved area


Part I of your plan focuses on assessment of the change issue and planning for the proposed change.


Prepare a 1,050- to 1,400-word plan (do not include the title and reference pages) with the following:


·         Examine the need in the organization for your proposed change.

·         Examine organizational and individual barriers to your proposed change.

·         Identify factors that might influence your proposed change.

·         Summarize factors influencing organizational readiness for your proposed change.

·         Identify the theoretical model that relates to your proposed change.

·         Identify internal and external resources available to support your change initiative.


Use the University Library to conduct a search for current peer-reviewed literature that provides data to support your change application.


Format your plan consistent with APA guidelines.


Use at least four peer-reviewed articles to support your paper.  Do not use all four resources for part I, II, and III to meet the minimum requirements

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Organizational Change Plan Part I

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