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Read the following: Your Learning Team is a Quality Management Team at a health care organization.  Your company is preparing for a large organizational change and has asked your team to ready the managing staff for the upcoming change.


Resources: Barriers of Change Product grading criteria on the student website


Prepare an original product that outlines the barriers to change and factors that influence change.  Products might include one of the following:


·         10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation for group training.  This includes the title and reference(s) slides.


Include the following in your product:


·         Identify the organizational change.

·         Describe the organizational change.

·         Describe possible organizational and individual barriers to change.

·         Identify possible factors that may influence the change.

·         Identify motivational theories that will assist managers to motivate their staff for the change.

·         Turn in your learning team presentation under the thread identified by the instructor in the main forum.


Include at least 5 to 6 published professional references in an APA-format.  Websites are not professional references.  Your textbooks will not count towards the 5to 6 required references.  Please remember that the speaker notes will be your voices

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Recent evidence in an array of health care organizations supports the need to improve nurse- physician communication and collaboration in order to improve patient outcomes (Farahani, Sahragard, Carroll, Mohammadi, 2011). Communication, motivation, and leadership are all concepts within the discipline of organizational behavior but can also be barriers to change.  Managers need to understand the cause of workplace problems, such as low performance, staff t

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Breaking Down B...