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Complete the Health Care Economic Issues Presentation and


Prepare an 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with

detailed speaker notes that includes the following information:

• An analysis of the effectiveness of current procedures that are in

place for the issue or situation you have selected

Base your analysis on evolutional perspectives on health care

economics and economic theories.

o How has the evolution of health care affected the financial

decision-making process in your selected issue or situation?

o How has the evolution of health care affected the financial

decision-making process in general?

o How has the financial decision-making process affected

your chosen issue or situation?

o What affect does the policy and regulatory environment

have on the financial decision-making process and your

chosen issue or situation?

• Recommend improvement strategies based on economic

theories on the financial-decision making process and economic

concepts. Consider the following:

o Key players

o Microeconomic and macroeconomic perspectives and


o Tools that support best practices

o Benchmarking

o How policy and regulatory environment impacts financial

management in the health care industry

o Economic incentives and competition

o Global implications

Cite a minimum of four sources.

Format your sources consistent with APA guidelines

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The aging population of the United States con