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Prepare a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft PowerPoint proposal presentation with detailed speaker notes for the hospital executive committee in which you address the items listed below.


·         Background information


o    Describe the employment and labor relations situation. This requires a brief summary of the situation you have been assigned to address.

o    Identify and explain the law or laws that apply to your situation.


·         Problem resolution


o    Explain how you would apply the law to handle this situation.


·         Prospective Risk Management


o    Identify and describe strategies you could adopt to limit legal risk in this area in the future.


·         Be prepared to address any questions the committee may have.


Prepare a 1-page abstract of your proposal to hand out to the committee for review during your presentation. This is a separate document from the power point presentation.

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This presentation will focus around the scenario that has and continues to happen all too often in the workplace: Sexual Harassment. The following paragraph will be used to identify the given scenario as the background for ’s discussion regarding sexual harassment in the workplace, primarily focusing on laws already in action to stop sexual harassment and prevent it from happening in the future. According to University of Phoenix Materials (n.d.):

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