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Choose the healthcare organization.

Develop a plan to improve performance based on one of that organization’s objectives for quality improvement.

Obtain approval from your instructor for your selection. 

Prepare a 10- to 15-slide presentation with references describing your plan and address the following:


·         Identify an area where performance must improve.


·         Research and identify an agency or organization that has improved performance in this same area. Indicate what process was used and why that process can or cannot be applied to your agency. You may include in your research strategies or performance benchmarks used by other health care organizations or any organization that has used the same process.


·         Identify the motivational theory or theories that directly relate to and support your plan.


·         List the steps to get employees engaged in the work and how to receive buy-in for quality work. How will this reduce errors and increase the quality of work?


·         Evaluate the plan. How will it work when implemented? What are the benchmarks for this plan and how will they be measured?

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