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Medicare is a program that helps millions of people in America every year receives the health care and treatment that they need. It has been reported that Medicare provides insurance for approximately 43 million elderly and disabled Americans as well as spending millions of dollars providing such care. Medicare has had a long road of trials and tribulations, and it has not always been easy. Medicare in itself is a form of health insurance. There are different types of Medicare insurance as well as eligibility requirements. Federal government has a strong hand in the way that Medicare is run and funded. Much like any other federal program there are budgets, policy decisions and special interest groups that affect the outcome of anything to do with Medicare. It is important to remember that without the creation of such a program, many Americans would go without vital medical treatment and preventative care. That is why Medicare in itself is a program that is essential in the lives of millions of Americans every day.  In the following presentation we will go over Medicare in its entirety. This includes the history and overview, eligibility, types of Medicare, budget and policy decisions, cost and government role, how special interest groups come into the picture, and the outcome of all of this on the program itself.

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Week 1

1-      What are two major health care programs that have shaped the history of health care policy? Explain each one.

Medicare is a federally funded program with unique standards and has two parts. Under part A of Medicare, patients have coverage for hospital, and upon reaching age 65 the elderly are automatically enrolled in this insurance plan.  Also Medicare has a part B that provides supplemental medical insurance, or coverage for physicians' services. Unlike part A of Medicare, patients are not automatically enrolled in part B they must request it.
It is safe to say that Medicare’s primary focus is on the elderly. Under Medicare, patients can