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Find an article or a current legal case that involves one of the following issues:

  • A critical regulatory issue in health care
  • A critical regulatory issue specific to institutional health care

Write a 700- to 1,050-word analysis of the article or the legal case that explains how the issue relates to the nature, sources, and functions of the law.

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One of the founding concepts of the United States was life preservation. History tells us that our civil liberties were developed to protect people from being persecuted for their beliefs. Our society developed social programs to help others in need to obtain necessities for survival; unfortunately, these programs were abused, forcing the government to implement regulations. Harris v. McRae is one case where the government drew a line and stated that they no longer would pay for services that they did not consider vital.

Hyde Amendment

Before 1976, people who were deemed to suffer from economic disparities were able to have procedures performed to terminate pregnancies and have the federal government pay for them (Levine et all, 1996). In 1977, the Hyde amendment was put into effect, stipulating that government funds were not to pay for abortions except in clearly defined circumstances. The three exceptions were defined as cases of rape, incest, or where the mothers would have lost their  lives. In the cases of rape and incest, these