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Choose one of the following roles as you imagine yourself as someone from a completely different background than yours:


·         African American in Chicago’s inner city

·         Someone in the rural Midwest

·         Immigrant new to the states in New York

·         Successful professional businessperson working in downtown Chicago

·         Older inmate located on Rikers Island


Create 700- to 1,050-word short story, describing health care utilization through time, birth to death, from this unfamiliar perspective.


Include the following:


·         Describe your routine health care.

·         What was health care like when you were young?


o    Did you get immunization shots?

o    Did your parents take you to a family doctor for an annual exam?


·         What was health care like when you were:


o    A young adult

o    An older adult


·         Describe at least one episode of acute care, such as your experience with bad fever, deep cut, broken bone, or the like.

Describe care for at least one form of chronic care, such as diabetes, asthma, or high blood pressure.
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a Successful Professional Businessperson Working in Downtown Chicago:


My name is Heather Jones, I am a stock broker and I work downtown Chicago. Growing up I have had

A successful business person downtown chicago.docx
A successful bu...