HCS 455 week 4 Individual Assignment The Policy Process Part II - 90560

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Policy Process Part II


     In part one of the policy process paper consists of formulation, implementation, and the legislation phase. In the formulation phase of the policy process, is where all the information is conveyed between various people. This phase allows for concepts and ideas from organizations and interest groups to bring their research information to the forefront. The evaluation phase is where the discussions and debates and the justifying process is completed. The implementation phase is when the policy is then acted upon and then adopted. The topic of discussion is HIV/AIDS healthcare policy that needs to be in place. In part two of this final policy process it will show how the continuance of the policy is then created. This will consist of the evaluation stage, analysis stage, and revision stage. Also, describing the purpose and methodologies process for evaluating and revising a public policy.


              Public policies are amended and then acted upon by the state, local, and federal government and then acted through the regulatory process. By doing this enables these policies to become set rules which are then administered by different government agencies. The finalizing of part two of this paper will involve the phase of analysis stage, revision stage and the evaluation stage. We will see how each stage will be different, but very unique in making sure that the policy will be conducive for all parties involved. The HIV/AIDS epidemic is a worldwide concern and the need for a universal policy is imperative. The evaluation stage of this policy will determin