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HCS 350 Delegation example in health care setting


Delegation in a Health Care SettingDelegation Example in a Health Care Setting PresentationBehavioral Medicine (Psychiatric Unit)   Must be original and unplagarized  Present and submit a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft  owerPointresentation with detailed speaker notes in a script  format. The presentation must include:



•  The delegation model  or process

•  The delegation issue  in your work place: behavioral medicine(psychiatric unit)

•  The stakeholders in  their different health care roles

•  How you choose the  right stakeholder for the job  Your plan of action toinclude:

·          How you communicate   with the stakeholders

•  How you resolve  conflict

•  How you know when to  give feedback

•  How you evaluate the  problem solved  Relevant  recommendations

•  Four references, of  which one can be the course text : Clinical Delegation Skills, Hansten, R. I. &  Jackson, M




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