HCR 220 Week 8 - DQ 1 - 7700

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The HIPAA 837 and the CMS-1500 claim forms are similar because of the fact that they both contain the same types of patient information. Both of these types of claims contain the following types of information: patient’s first, middle, and last name, patient's birth date and sex, insurance information, diagnosis codes, dates of service, payer’s name and address, and insured's ID number just to name a few. The majority of the information is organized differently, even though it is also similar. The information on the HIPAA 837 is organized with regard to the processing of claims which will be transmitted electronically, whereas the CMS-1500 is used for the processing of paper claim forms and the information is organized with regard to this process.The claims process is simplified by the similarities between HIPAA 837 and CMS-1500 because the requirements of the HIPAA 837 are basically a more detailed version of the requirements of the CMS-1500.

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The HIPAA 837 and the CMS-1500 claim f