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The purpose of the Alphabetic Index is to provide descriptions of diseases that are listed in the tabular list, provides a table for of drugs and chemicals that causes poisoning and has a list of external causes of injury. The Alphabetic Index has a list of all medical terms that are in the Tabular list classifications that are organized by condition.

The Tabular list contains seventeen chapters of descriptions of diseases that have codes with two supplementary classifications and five appendixes that are used as guidelines for physicians to document patients conditions. The Tabular list is broken down into categories, subcategories and sub-classifications.

When documenting the patient’s conditions or injuries for billing inquires you must locate the patient’s condition or symptoms that were given in the physician’s diagnostic statement and locate it in the Alphabetic Index which has much more common terms that are not in the Tabular list. The next step is to document the proper code for the condition.

If the conditions, symptoms and/or procedures are coded improperly the medical claim will be rejected. To prevent any situations like that it would be wise to double check all conditions that correspond with the right code. 

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