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  Interview Data Threads and Ch. 6 of Essentials of Health Information Management:
  Principles and Practices






Recall the Interview Data Threads from the
  Week Four assignment where you posted the information from your interviews.






Review the information for interview
  questions 6–12 from your assigned thread and from at least one other thread
  of your classmates, to answer the following in a 750- to 1,050- word paper:






  •   What conclusions can you draw about
      similarities and differences in circulation, tracking and security measures
      for records handling and storage within small, medium, and large facilities?
      Discuss reasons for these differences.






  •   Consider how these differences affect other
      aspects of records management, and postulate consequences of staff not
      following those procedures properly.






Format your
  assignment consistent with APA guidelines.




  Post your paper as an attachment.

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