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1)      When an organization is looking to buy a system from a vendor, it must consider maintaining the system over its life.  What do you consider the most important items to be covered in a maintenance contract?

2)      One of the major steps in the system life cycle is deploying the system.  Some of the implementation strategies include rolling the system out to one department at a time, rolling it out to everyone at once, or breaking the system into its module components and rolling them out individually.  If you were in charge of implementing a new system, what do you think would be the best and most efficient way to implement it?

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When an organization is looking to buy a system from a vendor, it is important to take into consideration the maintenance of the system over its lifespan. Part of implementing a system requires that contract be signed. In a maintenance contract there are many things that should be included, such as how support will be provided by the vendor to help maintain the system. For example the help-desk is very important for maintaining the system because it provides support 24/7. To maintain the system over its lifetime it requires that service be provided for testing, training, and production (Hebda, & Czar, 2009). The most important items that must be covered in a mai