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1)      One of the components of system implementation is training staff on the new system.  If you were asked to lead the training initiative for a new system, what would be some core pieces of your plan?

2)      When an organization purchases a system from a vendor, or builds a system in house, it must test the system.  Explain how you would organize the testing before the system is implemented.  What are the most important areas to cover?

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Whenever there is any implementation being done within an organization training is very important and must be taken into consideration. Training the staff can be difficult for the staff that are resisting the change, but easy for those who have accepted and adapted to it. It is vital that the staff receive the proper trainings to avoid the change becoming more difficult to adapt to and to maintain. It is important to include some core pieces in the training plan to ensure its success. For example the trainer must set up goals for the training session. That way the staff will know that they must learn for e