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1)   You have been asked to be a member of the implementation team for a new system.  The first task is to produce an RFP for the vendors.  What are some of the steps you would take in producing this RFP?

2)   As one of the informatics specialists working on the implementation team for a new application, one of the tasks you are asked to do is to evaluate the systems of three different vendors.  To determine if this system is right for your organization, what are some of the things you would ask of this vendor?

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An RFP is a request for proposal which helps the organization to express to vendors what the organization is looking for in a prospective system. It is important to define the purpose of the RFP and define the scope of the project. Creating an RFP require a lot of data collection. The reason for this is because it important to know what the needs of the organization are and determine what the new system would require before an RFP can be created. So the first step is to gather information. The comm