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1)   Your organization is going to implement an electronic medical record.  A number of the employees that you are working with do not think it will work and are refusing to work with the implementation team.  How do you think the organization should work with these employees to make sure they are ready for the new system?  How should this change be managed?

2)   Your organization is looking to purchase a new system for emergency medicine.  Some of the other departments have systems already, and others will be looking at systems in the future.  Does the team looking for the new system need to be concerned about other systems and the others to come?  Why?

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Implementing change is very difficult task to do even though it is inevitable. Not all employees would react well to the idea of change. So whenever there is a need for change within the organization, managers should be ready to deal with employee resistance. Implementing an electronic medical record system can be one of the hardest things for a health care organization to do. The reason for this is because a big portion of the employees will feel uncomfortable with the upgrade in technology a