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1)      Why is there a need for a steering committee?

2)      Is any single phase of the health information technology system life cycle more important than the other phases?  Why?

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A steering committee helps guide an organization. The steering committee is there to help the organization in making decisions, reach agreements, works on organizational projects, and ways to help improve the organization’s environment. Overall the primary purpose of the steering committee is the provide guidance and directions for organizational projects. So the steering committee is there to provide valuable help to project managers specially when running close to deadline. According to Simms (2008), the steering committee is there as a resource for the employees. Although they make some decisions in projects, but they only take over or assist when the employees need guidance or can’t make the decision without their help. If the steering committee have bad focus it can create some problems for the organization. For example steering committee members can become too bureaucratic and take away valuable t