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1)      What is the relationship between the quality and integrity of data entered into a database and the resulting effect on the quality of patient care?

2)     What are some similarities and differences between administrative health systems and clinical health systems?  How have you seen these types of systems used by organizations?

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It is important for health care managers to ensure that the data that they enter into their database is of high quality and is accurate. If the data is not accurate it can lead in billing issue and most important in bad quality of care for the patient. So in order to ensure there is quality data, managers have to ensure that patients’ information is not duplicated and all information is up-to-date. When the data is available it makes sure that the patient receive fast care because the information is available to the doctor before seeing the patient, it ensure safe health delivery because the doctor can see the patient’s health record and determine which drug prescription would be best based on other illness that have been documented. Also if the patient is on any other medication, this information can help the doctor choose the right medication to prescribe based on reaction with other drugs. By knowing a patient’s health history, the doctor can make better informed decisions regarding that particular patient’s health. For example “The