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1)     Which milestone in the evolution of health care informatics do you believe was the most important?  Why?

2)     Create a list of five health information technology (HIT) roles and provide a brief description of each.  How do their responsibilities differ from each other?

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I believe that the most important evolution of health care informatics the evolution of information system. Technology continues to advance and health care is right along with it. The switch to health information technology makes providing health care much easier. The advancement in computer technology and data storage as well has started in the 1950s. As health care continues to grow the need to improve the use of technology within health care organizations have also grown. One major aspect of health care technology that has exploded is the use of the Electronic Medical Records or EMR as well as Electronic Health Record. What these new systems have done is help health care organization to make visits to the offices or hospital much easier and faster for the patients. Also EMR and HER have somehow helped increase the quality of health care delivery by making it faster and definitely increase the quantity of patients that heath care providers can see in any time period. Although these systems are great to have, there are many organizations that are having hard time adapting to the new setting because the implementation process can be very difficult and it may not be successful if not done properly. In order to reap the benefits of and EHR system the implementation process have to be successful; implementation raises a lot of technical, clinical, and organizational issues that have to be dealt with before employees and