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Family Planning Centers- they help families with reproductive care.  Some of the services offered are gynecological exams, breast and cervical exams, cancer screenings, and contraceptive information and supplies.  Some centers have expanded and now include services for sexually transmitted disease diagnosis and treatment, as well as follow up. 

Hospital Outpatient Department- it is used to treat non-emergency patients in clinics instead of the hospital.  The services vary depending on what kind of clinic the patient is going to.  Some examples of clinics in the hospital outpatient department are oncology, diabetes, and women’s health.

Ambulatory Surgery Centers- these are use to perform surgery on patients in a manner that they do not have to stay in the hospital overnight.  Services are done mainly by ophthalmology, gynecology, orthopedics, and plastic surgery.  Each particular field performs a certain service for their patients.


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