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Prepare a multimedia presentation (e.g., PowerPoint, Keynote) (suggested length of 5–8 slides) to help your colleagues understand how to teach handwriting more effectively at the primary and upper elementary grade levels. Your presentation should include the following:

1.  Handwriting components for primary and upper elementary handwriting instruction

2.  Age-appropriate handwriting activities to teach and practice handwriting

3.  Three resources for colleagues about handwriting components and strategies


Note: Check the quality of the resources to make sure they are ones that you would use multiple times in a classroom. List them on a separate slide.


B.  Develop a set of guidelines (using your experience with the handwriting correspondence course) to use in selecting a handwriting program.


Note: Please submit these guidelines in the format of a table. There should be two columns, one titled “Guideline” and the other titled “Rationale.”


C.  Design an original lesson plan (using the attached “WGU Lesson Plan Format”) that introduces a specific aspect of handwriting.

Solution Description

Guidelines for selecting a handwriting teaching program


  1. Is the program developmentally appropriate?


Focuses on motor skills, using large motions to learn strokes and activities that are not restricted to fine motor development are more effective for student in the primary grades.  For the upper elementary grades, more focus should be