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GS102 Week 2 writing assignment Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic Cells

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Cell structure is relatively complicated with its numerous working organelles, millions of molecules and the different layers within the cell each acting as a protective layer of the elements within. Two cells that are important to the livelihood of an organism are the prokaryotic cells and the Eukaryotic cells; both similar when compared to one another but also different in the ways in which they function as well as how they are structurally designed. This paper will discuss the similarities as well as the differences of each of these cell types.

            Similarities between the Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic cells are obvious at the most basic level, they are both cells. Both cells have membranes that contain, and are fundamentally made up of phospholip links, or chains that contain cholesterol and proteins. Both cells contain ribosomes; “a structure in the cell that provides a site for protein synthesis”. (J.H. Postlethwait, 2011)