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List the organelles and structures found in cells.  Pick one organelle and describe the role it plays in the life of the cell. In your description, comment on what may happen to the cell if the organelle did not function properly.  Remember to cite any references you use in proper APA format.

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Understanding a cell and its function is not something that can be understood without fully understanding what the cell is made of or what a cell’s actual structural design is. A cell is not structured the same in an animal as it would be structured in a plant. An animal cell consists of roughly 13 different structures within the cell. Starting from the outside and working our way in layer by layer is the most logical way to attempt to understand the complexity of the structure of a cell.

As most things do, a cell has a wall which is essentially a protective outside layer that stays malleable, flexible and permeable until the cell reaches maturity at which point it then hardens in an effort to protect the internal functions and innards of the cell. Just inside the cell wall is the plasma membrane which is, “a flexible fatty boundary studded with proteins and carbohydrates”. (John H. Postlethwait, 2011, p. 31)The purpose of this plasma membrane is to “keep the watery cell contents in and moisture, chemicals, and other elements of the external environment out”. (John H. Postlethwait, 2011, pp. 33,35)