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GS102 Life Science Week 4 Writing assignment DNA and RNA

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John H. Postlethwait, J. L. (2011). Life. Belmont: Cengage Learning.



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DNA and RNA are both important characteristics of an organism and its successful purpose of healing and life in general. DNA has the critical task of replication and information storage within the cells of an organism. Proteins are exceptionally important as they create a mass that can later be distributed as a type of healing process.

Proteins are derived from RNA following the transcription process. “Genetic information generally flows from DNA to RNA and then from RNA to protein”. (John H. Postlethwait, 2011, p. 118)This process takes place when the RNA binds to ribosomes turning the bound RNA into proteins. RNA is created from certain sections of DNA, though both DNA and RNA is very similar in structure, they differ in function.