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Answers for AmGovernment Exam


total 100 question attached in a file

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What is the most relevant political issue for the Latino community in Texas?

Choose one answer.

a. gambling in Texas.


b. religious freedom issues.


c. public transportation.


d. immigration.


e. health care for the elderly.



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Campaign money donated directly to candidates or political parties and restricted in amount by federal law is called

Choose one answer.

a. soft money.


b. hard money.


c. individual money.


d. public funding.


e. Texas tea.



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When are precinct conventions in Texas usually held?

Choose one answer.

a. One week after the political primaries


b. On the Tuesday following the first Monday in November of even numbered years


c. At 7 p.m. on Tuesdays following the close of the polls at the local election precincts in a county


d. One week prior to the state convention in the summer of odd numbered years


e. At 7 p.m. on the first day of the first game of the major league world series in the fall



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To most voters in Texas and the nation, character and political style have become more important than

Choose one answer.

a. television news.


b. interest groups.


c. the Internet.


d. issues.


e. the horserace aspect of the campaign.



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The Republican Party was the dominant party in Texas in the early 1900s.




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In Texas, when does early voting (by personal appearance) begin and end?

Choose one answer.

a. begins 17 days before an election and ends 4 days before


b. begins 21 days before an election and ends 7 days before


c. begins 30 days before an election and ends 1 day before


d. begins 7 days before an election and ends election day.


e. Texas has outlawed by statute early voting



Marks: 1

The political party primary system in Texas is a cross between

Choose one answer.

a. an open and a closed primary.


b. a partisan and a non-partisan election.


c. an at-large and a single-member district election.


d. a general election and a primary election.


e. a run-off election and a special election.



Marks: 1

Candidates campaigning for statewide office in Texas rely heavily on

Choose one answer.

a. television.


b. direct mail.


c. personal appearances.


d. Internet blogs.


e. newspapers.



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College graduates are more likely to vote than those with only a high school diploma.




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The first African American Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court (and who only recently resigned from the office) was

Choose one answer.

a. Wallace Jefferson


b. Morris Overstreet


c. Michael Williams


d. Clarence Thomas


e. Thurgood Marshall



Marks: 1

The U.S. Supreme Court case of Buckley v. Valeo (1976) dealt with what?

Choose one answer.

a. the constitutional right of an individual to spend whatever he wants of his personal wealth on his/her own political campaign for office


b. the issue of campaign limits places on political action committees contributing to candidates for the presidency


c. the poll tax


d. the constitutionality of the Voting Rights Act of 1965


e. the legality of gerrymandering



Marks: 1

Which of the following is NOT a way a lobbyist effectively goes about his/her job?

Choose one answer.

a. Providing state or federal office holders with legal favors and legal gifts.


b. Providing campaign contributions to favorable candidates and incumbents.


c. Bribing officeholders to influence their votes


d. Providing officeholders with information about the interests of his or her client relative to pending legislation or policy decisions



Marks: 1

The national political party conventions for the Republican and Democratic Parties are held once every

Choose one answer.

a. year.


b. two years.


c. four years.


d. six years


e. eight years



Marks: 1

To become a delegate to your state party convention (for either the Democratic or Republican Party), you must first be elected by

Choose one answer.

a. your home town.


b. permanent party officers from the state party leadership.


c. your precinct then county (or district) convention.


d. voters in a run-off election


e. the electoral college.



Marks: 1

Interest groups usually engage in all of these activities EXCEPT one:

Choose one answer.

a. lobbying.


b. electioneering.


c. research and information dissemination.


d. fundraising.


e. federal and state agency administration.



Marks: 1

If a run-off election is held 30 days after the Democratic primary, in which of the following circumstances would you be allowed to vote in the Democratic run-off election (assuming you're a validly registered voter)?

Choose one answer.

a. If you voted in the Republican primary in early March


b. If you voted in the Democratic primary in early March


c. If you voted in either the Republican or Democratic primary in early March


d. If you voted a straight Democratic ticket in the general election two years before



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